Costa Azahar is set in a quite rural area, surrounded by olive and almond trees, in the heart of the Maestrazgo.

Saturday 17 October 2015

After more than half a decade of bad news followed by worse news, it seems that the fortunes of Castellon Airport have finally started to change for the better.
Following the establishment of new routes to the facility from Bristol and Stansted, Ryanair have confirmed that the occupancy level of the combined flights is above the expected target - standing at an average of 167 passengers over the 20 flights to date, or 88.4%.
Furthermore, news last week saw Romanian airline Blue Air confirm that they too would follow Ryanair's lead and create routes to Castellon.
However, the good news does not end there. Later last week Polish-Hungarian airline WizzAir also announced that they too would establish routes from Northern and Central Europe to the airport.
Ryanair's Director of Sales and Marketing in Spain, José Espartero, confirmed that whilst the route from London to Castellon was more popular than the flight to Bristol, the airline was nonetheless considering establishing further routes between the UK and Castellon to start next Spring.