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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Spain's - Bizarre Foods

Spain has some very wierd food, so I thought I would pull together some of the most bizarre food I have come across during my time in Spain.

1. Sea Lamprey cooked in its own blood - Lamprea en su propia sangre - Galicia

2. Stewed Cockerel Crests – Crestas de gallo - Zamora

3. Lambs brains - Sesos de cordero – La Rioja

4. Testicles in Sauce – Criadillas en Salsa

5. Fried Cockeral and lamb stomach/intestine  - Gallinejas y entresijos – Madrid

6. Gooseneck barnacles – Percebes – Galicia  These are really nice if you like Mussels

7. Pigs' Ears – Oreja de Cerdo  OK but very chewie

8.  Elver (new born eels) and garlic – Anguilas   Lovely with scrambled egg

9.  Tripe Stew – Callos -  from Madrid   better than i expected
10.Sea Snails – Caracoles  de mar    Bit like Welks

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