Costa Azahar is set in a quite rural area, surrounded by olive and almond trees, in the heart of the Maestrazgo.

Saturday 9 December 2017

Rajoy: “Brexit will not break our bonds with the UK” 

BRITISH prime minister Theresa May reiterated her support for her Spanish counterpart Mariano Rajoy today (Tuesday) over the Catalunya political crisis, and both said they hoped to see an agreement with the Brexit negotiations very soon.
Rajoy had travelled to London to meet Mrs May at 10 Downing Street, where they spent 90 minutes on a working lunch during which Brexit was, inevitably, a hot topic of conversation – but although they discussed bilateral relations between the UK and Spain, the contentious subject of Gibraltar's sovereignty was not mentioned.
Catalunya, equally as topical, was given plenty of air-time, since Mrs May has always stated categorically that she backs the Spanish government's 'defence of legality' in the face of the 'illegal' separatist movement, and that her Conservative government would refuse to recognise an independent State of Catalunya.
She reinforced this during today's meeting with the Spanish president, saying: “It is imperative that the law of the State should prevail and that the Spanish Constitution should be complied with.”
Rajoy thanked her for the UK's backing of 'the Spanish government and the people of Spain', adding: “Without respect for the rule of law, there can be no democracy, and what is happening now is a return to some of the worst past episodes in the history of humanity.”
The Spanish leader said in his press conference following the meeting that the relationship between Spain and the UK is 'as old as the history of the two countries' and rooted in 'a friendship' based on shared values of 'freedom, democracy, the separation of powers and the rule of law'.
He recalled that the UK is Spain's fourth-largest international customer and seventh-largest supplier, its main investment destination and that Spain 'is visited by more citizens from the UK than from any other country'.

Saturday 2 December 2017

Mediterranean Diet: Figs Can Lend You A Hand In Lowering Your Cholesterol

FigsHeld in high regard as part of an authentic Mediterranean diet, figs are a major contributor to the low levels of cholesterol people living in the Mediterranean region enjoy. Figs can lend you a helping hand to restore to normal your cholesterol if you do what Mediterraneans do: to make figs part of your daily diet. If you follow this recommendation, you will be surprised at the results in the not so long run.

Saturday 25 November 2017

Fancy a change from 'Jamon'? 

Although Spain is famous for its "Jamón" or cured ham, which in my opinion is the best in the world, there is also another cured meat speciality which is not as well known and as equally exquisite.
"Cecina" from León can be defined as a smoked dried and salted beef, which in a similar way to ham is taken from the the hind leg. The outer part of the Cecina has a toasted brownish colour which is caused by part of the elaboration process. It is similar to the Italian Bresaola.

Wednesday 11 November 2015

Restaurants in the Province of Castellon

I am working my way through the hopefully better restaurants in our province with the emphasis on Castellon to start with. I will be recording results on the my Maestrat Park & info about Spain Blog


Instinto Carnivoro, Castellon        

Four of us went for lunch, and found friendly and helpful staff, a pleasant atmosphere and varied menu, not vegetarian friendly, as the butchers is part of the restaurant, tasty starters, delicious steaks. We all had different so we could try each other's and found all were excellent. Had a first class wine, and a bill that did not make me gasp.

El Pairal, Castellon      

Six of us went here for my birthday and did not regret it. Had degustation which included their choice of wine which was very good. Pricy but first class food.

Mesón Navarro III, Castellon         

Went for lunch good food, staff a bit formal, suggest share starters as way to much food. Very good for goat lovers, not the cheapest, good comfortable decorations.

Tasca del Puerto               

This is a fantastic fish and seafood restaurant, Staff helpful, food delicious and different. Not the cheapest but worth every penny

Saturday 17 October 2015

After more than half a decade of bad news followed by worse news, it seems that the fortunes of Castellon Airport have finally started to change for the better.
Following the establishment of new routes to the facility from Bristol and Stansted, Ryanair have confirmed that the occupancy level of the combined flights is above the expected target - standing at an average of 167 passengers over the 20 flights to date, or 88.4%.
Furthermore, news last week saw Romanian airline Blue Air confirm that they too would follow Ryanair's lead and create routes to Castellon.
However, the good news does not end there. Later last week Polish-Hungarian airline WizzAir also announced that they too would establish routes from Northern and Central Europe to the airport.
Ryanair's Director of Sales and Marketing in Spain, José Espartero, confirmed that whilst the route from London to Castellon was more popular than the flight to Bristol, the airline was nonetheless considering establishing further routes between the UK and Castellon to start next Spring.

Thursday 11 December 2014

Spain’s 'ghost airport' set for first flights

Spain’s 'ghost airport' set for first flights

Spain's infamous ghost airport Castellón airport is set to open nearly four years after its official inauguration with football club Villareal FC being touted as first customers,

The airport has received approval to begin operations from the Spanish aviation authorities, Spanish newspaper ABC has reported.

Citing sources, the daily says the airport has already passed all the relevant tests and has the necessary certification from the public works ministry for flights to begin.

A final decision is expected on Thursday with paperwork to be finalized in coming days.

Thursday 6 November 2014

Jet2 linked to Castellon Airport

Jet2 Airlines is reportedly close to signing a deal agreeing to establish routes between the UK and Castellon Airport.

The question of the airline being linked to the airport was put to Max Buch, the Regional Minister for Economy, Industry and Tourism, to which he replied "this and other Airports".

The Airline has previously expressed an interest at the facility, however recent developments regarding the obtaining of licences and promotion of the Castellon province at the London Tourism Expo have renewed the company's appetite for serving the northern-Valencia region.